What We Do

Entertainment, Events & Program Sales

TBS International provides consultation, production and support services for Broadway Shows, Art Exhibitions, Licensing and Distribution of Television Shows.

  • Production Services:
    Production related services for television shows in all genres.
  • Broadway Shows, Musical Concerts:
    TBS International, both independently and in cooperation with affiliated companies, invests in Broadway musicals and other theatrical content. The office also provides support services for North American productions that the company presents in Japan.
  • Arts, Exhibitions:
    The office also consults on fine art and natural history exhibitions that the company presents in Japan, including projects such as “Pearls: A Natural History” and “GOLD: Natural Treasure, Cultural Obsession” with the American Museum of Natural History in New York.
  • Licensing and Distribution of Television Shows and Theatrical Films:
    TBS International provides supporting services for TBS Program Sales. Tokyo Broadcasting System has a long history of selling programs and original program formats to broadcasters around the globe. For inquiries, please contact Program Sales Department at TBS in Tokyo.
    TBS Program Sales
  • Coordination Services for Film Festivals, Trade Shows and Marketing in general.:
  • Research and Information Gathering Services: