LA News Bureau

LA News Bureau
  • TBS International's Los Angeles news bureau is located in the Century City, where financial institutions, local and international businesses, as well as law firms and other professionals, gather to create one of the most exciting major business districts on the US west coast. To the east lies Hollywood and Beverly Hills, the well known expensive residential area, and to the west, Santa Monica Beach, packed with locals and tourists. The bureau's location allows us to keep a pulse on what goes on in the City of Angels. Los Angeles is also a town of entertainment. Numerous major motion pictures are filmed around the bureau, so buildings are somewhat familiar to people, even those who are visiting for the first time. From entertainment coverage like the Academy Awards and Grammy's, to politics, economics, and various news happening in the region, the Los Angeles news bureau covers not only the west coast of the United States, but as far south as South America and as far north as the North Pole, in order to provide our Japanese audience with news in timely manner.
  • Covering what is acknowledged as the pinnacle of acting festivals, the Academy Awards Show, as well as its equally renowned preliminary battle, the Golden Globe Awards, this bureau brings Japan unique coverage from the city that the world of the silver screen calls home. From the red carpets where all the top stars gather, we offer footage of the race for ""what's hot"" that captivates any and all movie fans. Following the March 11th, 2011 Tohoku Great Earthquake and Tsunami, we track the lasting impact, such as a student's soccer ball, found in Alaska; an entire dock, washed ashore on the coast of Oregon; a boat in California, and more; covering the latest of this disaster from across the world's largest ocean, where 5400km away, the effects can still be found.

Los Angeles News Bureau

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