NY News Bureau

NY News Bureau
  • New York City – A city where the world comes together!
  • In this exciting and unpredictable city, our New York news bureau covers a variety of stories, including breaking news, feature stories, economics, culture, sports, and the United Nations. Our job is to produce and deliver these stories to our audience in Japan.
  • The New York news bureau has about ten staff members who work around the clock to keep our audience informed and up to date on the most current news from New York, the United States, Canada, and even South America.
  • Our office is located inside the CBS Broadcast Center in Manhattan, and we are ready to chase any news story at a moment’s notice!!

New York News Bureau

524 West 57th Street, #4350, New York, NY 10019
Tel: 212- 975-8446
Fax: 212- 757-8193