What We Do


TBS International provides production and support services for live coverage of major sporting events for which TBS Television owns the Japanese broadcast rights. This encompasses pre-event planning and on-site production and technical coordination. TBS International acts as a consultant and advisor representing TBS Television in contract negotiations with rights owners. Events include the Masters Golf Tournament, the Summer and Winter Olympics, the World Championship in Athletics, Major League Baseball, the PGA Championship and the Asian Amateur Championship.

TBS International also coordinates sports-news coverage for the network within North America, managing the booking of freelance directors and ENG crews for a variety of sports events and breaking news.

TBS TV Compound Masters Golf Tournament
  • Event Production Services:
    Encompasses all aspects of pre-planning and on-site operations with regards to production and technical services.
  • Director and Cameraman:
    Hiring of U.S.-based production personnel – directors, production assistants, etc. Hiring on U.S.-based ENG and Live camera operators, as well as audio and other technical personnel.
  • Technical Services:
    OB-Van and technical vendor bookings. Satellite transmission support for live events and sports-news
  • Event Support:
    TBS International serves as a consultant and advisor representing TBS Television in contract negotiations and relationships with sporting event rights owners.
  • Sports-News Production Services:
    TBS International serves as the point-of-contact for sports-news coverage in the Americas. The company hires directors and camera crews and handles all logistics for event and breaking news coverage.